Rembrandt Portrait is a sophisticated assessment tool designed to unveil a series of personality characteristics common to all of us. Rembrandt Portrait will help you to understand the critical and differentiating abilities that lead to superior performance in either a potential job candidate or an existing employee.

What Does Rembrandt Portrait Measure?

Rembrandt Portrait accurately measures 14 inherent qualities that make up the human personality. After a job candidate or current employee interacts with the Rembrandt Portait, our trained evaluators and customized reports can provide insights into over 50 competencies as they relate to the individual's job performance.

There are 14 critical dimensions of personality critical to job screening - Rembrandt Portrait measures them all. And with high accuracy.

Our clients use Rembrandt Portrait to hire and develop top talent for one reason - it works!

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Hiring & Selection

The Rembrandt Portrait is so powerful it unveils the critical and differentiating abilities of potential job candidates to help you make effective personnel decisions. We help you select the right person for the right position to create a world-class workforce.

Rembrandt Portrait Personality Assessment

Rembrandt Portrait provides such an accurate portrait of the candidate and their capabilities that you no longer need to guess if someone has the competency to performance with excellence. You will pierce through surface impressions of each candidate and with the precision and certainty of our assessment technology, identify the very best person for the job. No more surprises! No more hiring blind.

Targeting Your Interview

While standard interview protocols provide some value by providing consistency in the selection process, the only way to uncover a candidate's true capabilities is to customize your approach and target potentially limiting factors. Rembrandt Portrait guides you through the interview process and provides targeted, valid, probing questions to pin down the person’s strengths and limitations.

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Employee Performance & Development

RembrandtAdvantage will prove invaluable to you, with our ability to provide you with the insightful information needed to develop your employees, increase their productivity and ultimately increase the performance of your organization.

Rembrandt Portrait

Rembrandt Portrait should be used as an integral part of your employee development process, providing the important information you need to make effective personnel decisions.


The Rembrandt CareerNavigator is a multi-rater performance evaluation tool that identifies employee competency, performance trends and learning and development opportunities. It can simplify, shorten, and improve your employee appraisal and career planning process. It also offers key solutions to busy line management by being self-empowering, easily administered, cost-effective, and time efficient.

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Organizational Development

We will uncover your company’s morale issues (positive and negative) and your client’s overall satisfaction thereby increasing the company’s productivity and contributing to the attainment of the company’s goals and objectives.

Morale Survey

Let your employees know their opinions matter and gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your work culture, compensation practices and management effectiveness.

Client Survey

The Client Survey is a tool designed to help you understand how your customers feel about your company, what they value and what they would like to know more about.

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